Has anyone discovered a feature to "freese a row"?  I'm aware of the freeze a column option but have not found a way to freeze a row


Please note that

Locking prevents editors.

Locking does not prevent owner/admin to change data.


Do you expect changing data after locking row ?

As I understand it, locking is used to eliminate the ability for people to modify data in a row.  I am more looking for a way to "freeze" the row so that only the data below it scrolls but not everything above that row, like the feature in Excel functions.

Locking will not provide the freeze functionality you are looking for.


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If you are wanting to reduce the details of what you see then you could potentially use Hierarchy or use a report to "only see what you really want to see, not the whole sheet". 

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A freeze row function like in excel, like the freeze column function would be a great asset!

unfortunately not yet in place :(

you can try editing the column titiles / properties.  My workaround as 'freezing the top row' .

try - using the column title  (by editing column propertiy) as a workaround for now.

Please work in the Freeze a Row functionality like in Excel.  ;-)

My users would also like the freeze row capability

Is Freeze row function available?

Is Freeze row function available now? If not, please add my vote. Thanks!

I've added your vote for this, V!

I use the hierarchy feature for this and it works well.  While Freeze Row may be helpful (especially when using web forms) using hierarchies is an acceptable work around.  Certainly NOT the highest priority feature requirement in my books Laughing - fixing the filtering first would be greatly appreciated Wink.

Is Freeze row function available now? If not, please add my vote. Thanks!


Is the Freeze Row function available yet? I would like to request that this feature be added.


Thank you