Is there a way to freeze rows in SS? It would be useful to keep a parent row in view while scrolling through child rows below it





Yes RMB on the column you want to fix and choose Freeze column.



I want to freeze rows as in Excel, not columns





No but by using Hierarchys and Reports you can manage large  sheets quite effectivly.



Also, lots of people have asked for a "header" section of the sheets.

I'm still hoping for that one.



Add my vote. Very frustrating not having this basic functionality.

Hi Jeff, I have added your vote!

Hello Kennedy,

Please add a vote for me to add the "freeze row" functionality.


Thank you!


I've added your vote, Elaine!

Freeze Rows is a must have!!!  Please implement!

+1 vote for me too - would love to have the ability to freeze a row at the top as I've needed to add a key/legend in the top row to define the color coding in our sheet.

+1 vote for my team as well. This would help us a ton with budget tracking. 

+1 vote for me too for Freeze Rows functionality.  There's no reason not to have it! thanks 

+1 for ability to freeze rows.

Would love to have the option to freeze some top rows.


I hope its on the way!



add +1000 votes for me, please

freezing rows is a necessity 


I don't know if this has been submitted as a feature request, but add my vote too please!


I submitted this feature request today.

+1 to add the capability to freeze rows!

Freeze Row:  Add vote, YES, would like functionality.  Thank You.

I know I am late to the comments, but I vote for freezing rows. 

Add my vote for row freeze as well.

A lot of the users in our company needs it.

Two years later and we're still asking to be able to freeze at a specific row. Add my vote!

Please add my vote

I don't see adding a vote as making much of a difference here. I see threads going as far back as 3 years. It certainly doesn't take 3 years to add a function like this. I guess the smartsheet brand would rather lose business than accommodate a simple user request. Especially considering excel, a comparable tool provides such access.