Has anyone done a SS that incorporates a "form" of invoice entry (web part?), that after entering automatically logs to a SS tab, then can track budget vs. actual cost (and allow projections) for a project......MS Excel has a good template but without additional programming it only does one calendar year of payments/budget. Also, Excel doesn't allow storage of the actual invoice pdf's like SS would in their attachments section......to do this on SS would involve multi-tab programming which I know is possible.




Thank you Erin, enjoyed that video/seminar.....it's close to having some of the functionality that I need for a general ledger/cost tracking function, but not quite. And as you probably get a lot of users to ask, I was hoping that other SS users may have already programmed a SS for the general ledger/accounting/cost tracking function.


Here's another question.....are there resources that currently do SS "programming" out there that I could send the Excel designed sheets for a price for them to create this in SS for me?




Dana - we offer a range of consulting services, including a design desk which are 30 minute 1-on- sessions with a Smartsheet expert who can help you build and design your sheets. Check out our services page for more information: http://www.smartsheet.com/services