Does anyone know how to correct the '<user name> is not a valid user for the given JIRA project' sync error when using the Jira Connector tool for Smartsheet? 

This error just started appearing and no project permissions have been changed in our Jira account.  We have all projects set to allow issue field read/write permissions for any logged in user.

And on the Smartsheet side all users are shared to the sheet displaying this error.




Thank you for reaching out to our Support team regarding this error. For anyone else experiencing this behavior, this issue is currently being investigating by our development team. I don't have an ETA for a resolution at the moment, but a potential work around is to to create new Jira Issues without setting the Assignee field in Smartsheet.

Once the Issue has been created in Jira, the Issue Key URL should populate in the sheet. Then you could open the new issues in Jira and set the desired Assignee.

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Hi I am getting the same issue.  It was working fine and all of a sudden I started getting this error message on every single issue.  Creating new issues for every single existing issue is not an option for me.  

Any word  on the fix for this?

I'm also getting this error as well and don't understand why this error is telling me that these users don't have access to Jira when they clearly have access to it.

Any word on a fix for this? I'm getting this same error. It started with just a few tasks within my projects but now it's happening to every linked task, so I'm getting recurring connector error emails.


This message can occur when an invalid email is entered into a Smartsheet field that is synced to JIRA.

JIRA has functionality available where users can prevent services that access their JIRA content (such as the Smartsheet JIRA connector) from viewing their email address. There is a per user config that can be modified by accessing Profile > Manage your account > Profile and visibility and modifying the "Who can see this?" setting for the Contact field at the bottom.

If this is set to "Only you and admins" then the JIRA connector cannot access email address information for the user with this setting, and will not populate the email field.

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Thanks for the response. I looked into this at our company and reached out to about 5 users who were being referenced in the error. All 5 of them have valid email addresses in both Jira (and Smartsheet). Also, the "Who can see this?" field was NOT set to "Only you and admins" so it looks like this is still an ongoing issue.

Has anyone else been able to verify this with other users?

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In my case, the email addresses are valid Jira users that are being displayed in the Jira Assignee field of my Smartsheet.  The connector was working correctly until about a week ago when this error started. It was only showing an error on one of our developers, but now it is throwing an error on every development task being updated by the Jira connector.

Do I need to go to each of our developers and ask them to change their Jira profile settings so that the connector can update the Jira assigned user field in my Smartsheet project?

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I can't speak for others, but I didn't make any settings changes before this error started occurring. My "Who can see this?" parameter is set to all users within my organization. 


I am experiencing the same error where the "assignee" field does not populate.  It stopped working last week.  Smartsheet - do we have an ETA when you expect to have this issue resolved? Thank you.