Hi - is there a way to get our corporate brand colours loadeded in SmartSheet as the colours are very limited in the tool today. We also have to export to excel and apply our themes to it. I want to get away from this goining forwrard. 


Please help!



Hi Rudie-- We don't currently offer the ability to import custom color palettes into Smartsheet but I've added your vote for this to our enhancement request list. We appreciate your input!

You surely have my vote for this. Smartsheet has become such a critical part of our business and our customers. But reworking reports is not helping. We need to have some theme upload feature where we can set the company logo (currently avaialble) and also chose at least 10 custom colours to start with or just change the fixed colours to a dynamic widget where the use can specify the RGB # code 


How can we get a customized palette added to the roadmap? I hate how the dashboards look with the basic colors