I have some groups already created and I'd like to make a new group and include the previous set up groups in the new group.  I just see user names to add to a group.  Is there a way to add a group to a group?






To the best of my knowledge this cannot be done.  I understand that Smartsheet are looking o improve Permissions within Workspaces, so perhaps it may be looked at at the same time.


I have a Team account, it may be different in an Enterprise account.  Travis should be able to clarify.

JamesR is correct, there isn’t a way to add a group to a group. When setting up the new group, you will need to add each user individually. We are planning to improve permissions in workspaces and other aspects of the app but an update to groups will not be included in that release.  The current groups tool is the first version of the tool and I will pass your suggestion along to assist the product team with designing V2. 

Thanks for the clarification.  Hopefully the group in a group feature will make it on V2, it would make life a little easier.