I'd like to add budget data to a project sheet but hide that info from certain users.  Is this possible?


And is it possible to have the sum of amounts in sub-tasks appear in the cell of the main task?




There is a way to do this to an extent. What are the level iof the user that you want to block. If you lock the column at the top and hide the cells and viewer cant change the view. If the person that you are wanting to block is an admin then this wont work. If you want to have the numbers total to a parent row use the sum formula. =sum(children()) any items added under the partent will auto sum into the parent row. 

I do recommend that you keep financial and schedule sperate. It is a best practice for us to do this. We have a fiinancial sheet and project sheet. We also have workspaces for the same. 

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This is an old thread but I have the same need as the original poster, but also understand the best practices. What I would like, then, is to have two separate sheets - one with the project data and the budgetary info, and another with just the project data - that do not require manual updating.  Suggestions?

You can create a linked sheet that shows the budget figures and this sheet can then be shared only to those that need to see the figures.  This must be done on individual sheets rather than in a workspace.

JamesR , I understand your comment here which makes absolute sense, however if the original spreadsheet has additional rows entered into it (let's say somewhere in the middle of the existing selected range) then the linked spreadsheet does not update.

This means that any additional rows that are entered also have to be manually updated on the linked spreadsheet.

Or am I wrong?



Yes you are right.  The existing links will update where information/data changes, however if you add rows/columns into the linked sheet then those rows/columns would need also to be inserted and then linked.


The key to the successful use of linked cells is Planning and Design. Linking should be one of the last steps and that then should reduce the manual updating.

Swathboy, do these users need to have read only access to the sheet or do they need the ability to edit? If they need read only, you could create a report with only the data you want them to see, then publish the report as a read only view. You could also use update requests with this. Hide the columns you do not want them to see, then send them an update request of any rows they need to edit. They will only see unhidden columns and the rows you selected. Just be careful with this method - if the columns are not hidden at the time they open the update request, they will see the column (exactly how it currently is in the sheet).

Thanks James R. That's clear.

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I see that as a possible enhancement in Smarsheet... wehen managing projects i.e., it is needed to manage hours and budget on the same sheet... So, many times we just want to share hours...

In order to avoid to duplicate the sheets (and link them), I think the best is to have this as an option in the 'hide' properties of a column...


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Karim Cherif

Hi Karim, thanks for the feedback - I will add your vote.


If you want to share a read only version of your data you can send rows (and only include certain columns) or create a report which will only show columns you selected, then publish the report as a read only view.


Let me know if you have questions about this! 

Thanks Travis, I appreciate your support.


I'm nowadays using the Send Row option which is very good to summarize a topic, Issue to a colleague or customer. I don't see that usefull for my request.... ;-(


I'm looking for something 'unattended', in a way I just need to setup initially what info to be visible to others for the full project. So, I think I'll use reports ... 


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Another vote for enhancing the "hide column feature" 





And another vote for a hid column enhancement!


And another vote for hiding columns, vs the current workarounds.  Being able to control who can see what columns would be a MAJOR improvement.  

I would also like to add a vote for this feature.  We are using our sheet for project tracking.  Some of the data is autopopulated and some members of our team do not need to see it.  Having the option to hide columns or create custom views would enable us to store all data on one sheet while not cluttering it for those who only need to access half of the rows.

+1 to this feature. Certainly woudl help what I'm envisioning for a project I'm on

And another vote for a hid column enhancement!



Is there any updates with respect to the addition of this feature? Namely, in any project, there are rows that should be restricted to some users. I see people posting that sensitive data such as rankings and budgets should have the functionality to be restricted by user or using some filter. The report solution only works when users have viewing rights only.


Since April of 2015, when these very good and necessary suggestions were made, is there any visibility on adding this critical functionality?


I convinced the management of our company to migrate to Smartsheet to replace our old custom-made project management portal (which has this feature) and it was approved for just this one current project. We have virtually dozens of projects running in parallel. I will not be able to convince management that Smartsheet is a viable replacement for all our project without this functionality. 


Any feedback?



Please add my vote to: "hide column feature"

Please add another vote to hide columns and rows to certain identified users. (I'm most interested in hiding rows, but it would be nice to have both options.)


This would be huge.

Add my vote please +1.

I'm adding my vote to this.

I just attended a webinar with smart sheet and asked about this, the demo person showed us that it was possible to share only selected columns on a sheet, but I'll be damned if I can see where that is now that I have my own sheet open. there's no live help - either via chat or tel support - I vote that they get this worked out.

+1 for ability to manage column views per user please.

Any update on the ability to hide columns from shared users on a sheet?

I was explaining my only complaint, with smartsheet, to someone on the plane the other day. She mentioned "masking" as a possible solution. She explained that this would be easier to code for vs restricting access to columns. Is this a feature we could add? Please!

+1 for ability to manage column views per user please.

It's 2018, +3 years since original request. Any news?

I have a sheet that I use to track workflow details of various projects.

I provide people outside the team summary information about overall status of these individual projects. Because I can't restrict these outside people to a subset of columns, I have to maintain an additional sheet and manually sync it with the other sheet. A major PITA. If I make a report of the sheet, they have to have View-access to the source sheet, minimum. And even the new cross-sheet VLOOKUP capability doesn't seem to help.

We really need this feature PLEASE! It will help us a lot!

Any updates on this?  I really need to restrict access to certain columns, per FERPA guidelines, so that every tradesman doesn't see our residents' names and contact info, but I can't figure out how to do this.  Is it a feature yet?



+1 for hiding sheet columns based on user/role

Yes please add another vote to this... We cannot keep adding and linking sheets it is counter-productive. Are there any updates on this specifically since the last update? I need to have all staff working off the same data - something will go wrong with manual linking and human input, the less manipulation of data the better. Please please add the ability to restrict column views when shared to specific editors.

I'd also really like to see this update made. Hiding certain columns from certain users would be a huge help. It would be much easier than creating extra sheets/reports. 

+1 on this feature. We're probably going to get rid of SmartSheet if we can't control who sees what part of a sheet, this was purportedly a main advantage of this system, but turning out to be a big dud.

Add my vote to this feature as well. Can't run a project without budget info and if we do include it then we can't collaborate without the ability to hide columns selectively for certain users only. 

+1 for this function. This would be a key-feature for futur use in our company. I bought the current plan for a deeper evaluation run.

+1 for this feature

Now with GDPR is even more important to hide sensitive data to third parties, and I am sure it is not too difficult to implement this.

One option would be to be able to restrict users from exporting to excel the sheet. In this way it would be sufficient to publish the sheet view only with the hidden columns.


Another vote to either hide or mask columns for individual users. This is integral for our training sheets in combination with GDPR and no workaround has been proven practible so far. 

As announced as a new premium app this week, Dynamic View sounds like the solution.


Agree - hide column would be great - is this really a "premium" capability (purchase Dynamic View) though?  Seems like a basic feature that has been requested for several years.


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