I have a couple of sheets that use hierarchy structure, Multi-level in some cases.  To collapse and expand these is a manual process only, however one of my databases in particular I want collapsed as the default.  The issue comes when I filter on the required column it is great as you can have it find it and show the Hierarch Summary Bar.  But when you do this it expands all hierarchy in the sheet and filters onto the one you are looking to work on.  When you then remove the filter all the rows have been expanded and therefore the only way of getting it back to a default view with everything collapsed is to do it manually.

Solution is easily solved by a Collapse all button and an Expand all Button on the toolbar.  Better still would be a choice on the Menu of “Show” with a sub menu of “Level 1s”, “Level 2s, “Level 3s”…..#.


This is probably another one for your small but useful list Travis.


There is a collapse all and expand all menu item on the sheet's tab, but it isn't a button on the toolbar.


Buttons to expand or collapse by level would be a really neat feature. Also, being able to refer to the level of the hierarchy in formulas would give users further ability to leverage the really excellent hierarchy features and formulas already available in Smartsheet.

Thanks John,


Not sure How I missed it.  It is however only on the Primary Field Column Menu not the sheet menu. It is also not on the Right Mouse buttom Menu where it would be useful as well.


It is these little things that in my opinion make users more effective, efficient and friendly.

It would be very helpful to have the option to expand or collapse to a specific level. I use this function in Word outline view. I have large sheets with multiple levels and navigating them can be timeconsuming. Please consider adding this enhancement.

Hi Betty-- I've added your vote to support expanding and collapsing to specific levels in a sheet to our enhancement request list. Thanks for the input!

Yes, please add the function collapse and expand by level. We developed a multi-level production plan for our job shop operation (small volume - high variety) in Smartsheet and this selective collapse and expand would make that so much easier to navigate.

Please add it very soon.



I've added your vote, Peter!

This would be so helpful for our whole team as well

Thanks for your vote, Rasmus!

I am a new user to SmartSheets and this is one of the FIRST features I looked for. PLEASE add expand to Level 1, 2, etc!!!

Please also add my vote for expanding by level.