I have just started trying to use Smartsheet for project planning. I have created a Gantt chart for my project, and entered dependencies, durations and resources. However, I haven't yet found a way of highlighing the critical path. When managing a project, it is useful to have the tasks and the dependencies that are causing the end date to be what it is, because it is only by changing these things that the project end date can be brought forward.


Is there a way of highlighting the critical path?


Thanks - Rowan


Thank you very much. I had stupidly failed to recognise the Critical Path button for what it was. Having clicked this, all is working.



Is there a way to filter the critical path?  Seeing it on the Gantt is great, but on a larger project with many tasks it can take a lot of scrolling to visualize.  It seems like this programming must already exist giving it is possible to view on the Gantt, but I don't see a filter anywhere.