Task A 

Task B is dependent on Task A

Task C is dependent on Task B

For some reason, I was able to finish Task B and Task A was getting delayed. How do I:

1. Extend duration of Task A without impacting dates, duration or status of Task B?

2. Mark Task B complete, such that actual completion dates do not change irrespective of any changes to Task A

3. Drive changes to Task C based on the fact that Task A is still incomplete


In P6, there is an "actualize" option that marks dates as actual and would transfer dependencies of that completed task to the incomplete predecessor task. Is there a similar functionality in smartsheets? 




Seems like your dependencies are not working as they should.

If task B is dependent on Task A, how were you able to finish B with A being delayed?

Do you have dependencies active?

Also screenshots of your spreadsheet would be useful.