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I have a sheet which contains the lookup values to my master sheet, and I have created a few datamesh lookup rules which works well, but if a new row gets added to my master sheet, I need to go to datamesh website and refresh the rules my self. Is there anyway I can automate this so everytime I dont have to go to datamesh?


Hi, Heli

How you can do lookup across different sheet? it is hot topic.  I know there is 3rd party app,  Asuzana.  However too expensive. If you have any way to do this task, please let me know 

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I don't know enough of the detail of this but I have a suggestion if you are not already using this....?

On each sheet that will recieve new Rows added constantly, identify the KPI stats you wish to analyse and use formulae to build a Dashboard at the top of that sheet, showing the addition of all activity below. 

If you wish to analyse data across multiple sheets then use Cell Linking to take your Data up to a Portfolio sheet. All that will happen automagically in Real time. 

From there you could use Datamesh to distribute or Sights/Power BI to further analyse and share your data. 

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In the DataMesh app, there is a way (or was when last I used it), a way to have it periodically run the Mesh (or whatever they call it). It was not intuitive and I believe I could find it again.

Sad there is no documentation for it (or wasn't when last I used it).

I was less than impressed with it and we have replaced it on at least once site using AppSheet.