Hello Everyone


I am in the process of creating a budget sheet in smartsheet. I need to have a total monthly amounts transfer from google sheets to one cell in smartsheet. Also, when data is updated in google sheets also will update in smartsheets.


Try to get a link for one cell but I can't find a way to do this.


Any ideas? 



This is not possible.  You can creat a hyperlink to a google sheet but not the otherday.  The hyper link is what it sats and takes you to the google sheet it will not transver data over the link into or from a cell.


Linking cells in Smartsheet is only available between smartsheets.


You need to use the Smartsheet API to be able to do wjat you are asking.


I believe ther is an App, called Zapier that may help with this functionality.


Thanks James.  After trying and google many times I reach the same answer.