Hello Smartsheet community,


I am wondering if there's any way to default your view setting to Gantt (or others) when you created a new blank sheet? I want to avoid changing the view setting every time my team and I are going into the sheet. 


Thank You! 



Smartsheet will remember your view when you saved the sheet last. If you're changing views to see your sheet in a different way, you might want to consider changing the sheet back just before you leave it.

You can apply a default view to someone else as you share it to them (not after they're already shared) with the steps in our help center: https://help.smartsheet.com/node/520104#defaultview

If they change their view of the sheet and then save it, the sheet will have that view when they open it.

I have my default view set and it worked for a few days, but now it doesn't seem to be working. It was set to card view, with my tasks filter. Any idea how I begin to troubleshoot this? I have tried closing the sheet. We have 24 users and 3 admins and dozens of different filters.