In the available columns to display in a report, there is no option to show the row number of the record from the source sheet. Is there any alternative way to accomplish this? If not, can Smartsheet team please add this to the feature enhancements?

Use case: I am displaying several tasks from a project plan that are flagged (with some criteria) and want to show which row number in the project plan this task corresponds to.




You will need to use a helper column on each sheet. You can either set it as a system generated auto-number type, or a text/number type with a basic formula in it to establish a row number. You would then include that column on your report.

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Thanks Paul for your response. 

Your suggestion could have been good alternative, but there is no function or formula to just get the current row number. Also the auto number would not work as it will not adjust to the changes in the rows (add/move/delete)

Hopefully Smartsheet just provides row number in a sheet as the system column that users can just choose to display in the reports.


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Andree's below links should help. There are a few different options in those threads. My personal choice is to pick a column that's already on the sheet (any column at all will work), and count the cells that are blank AND the cells that are not blank.


=COUNTIFS([Any Column]$1:[Any Column]@row, OR(ISBLANK(@cell), NOT(ISBLANK(@cell))))


Putting that in row 1 and dragfilling down will give you a consistent row count. Using the $ to lock in row 1 as the start of your range and then using @row means that the formula will count from the first row down to whatever row it is on.