I just set up my workflow so that when a predecessor task is complete, it sends an alert on my team's slack channel. The intent of the notification is to alert the {{Assigned To}} team member that they can start their assigned task.

Is there a way to @mention the team member specifically using their slack account name? I tried manually adding their @name in the Custom Message, but it shows up as plain text in Slack, therefore they did not get the ping when the notification was posted.

Has anyone been able to do this? 







Hello Faith P,

The current Slack integration does not allow you to send information to specifically one person within a channel, but I have a workaround that may give you a similar experience. You could create a private slack channel for each user and have the information feed into those individual channels.

In addition to this, I have raised an Enhancement Request with the Product team to consider this feature for a future version release of this integration. Furthermore, if you have an additional suggestions, you can raise an Enhancement Request here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/739aa75f30ca43a8a22eb53e4da7d409?_ga=2.226222682.1521424515.1562572135-172672887.1560245413

Best Regards