I have created a tax season client template that would be a great addition to the finance category. Travis had requested that I share so please advise on how I can share with the SmartSheet community. Thanks!



Hello! The functionality to share templates in the Community is not available yet but I will email you with steps so we you can share you template with Community members. 

Travis - Is this something that can be shared with the community in a post?

Hi Adam, right now this is a manual process for me and I am happy to do this for you if you have a sheet you would like to share. 


We are planing to add this functionality to the Community to allow anyone to share sheets easily with other Community members. 


Let me know if you have a sheet you want to share! 

I'd like to vote for allowing community members to create and share new templates!

Hi Jenisa,


I've passed your feedback along to our Website team for further consideration.


Currently, the only way to share a template is to place it in a workspace, then share the whole workspace. I'd like to see better template sharing in the app altogether.