I want the Status column to be a "Red" ball when someone adds a date into the "start date" column.   

That is it- nothing more.    Empty cell = no ball,    Date in the cell = red ball.   






=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([start date]23)), "Red")


for row 23.

As soon as someone changes the status ball, the formula goes away.

But I can see how that would work in a workflow.






wow, it worked.     So  (ISBLANK) is a determining statement, eh?    NOT is the qualifier.     Do these parameters have different uses?     

I am tinkering with the format to develop a Rental Asset Management system.   Fingers crossed.

You sound/type surprised. Laughing

ISBLANK and NOT are functions - in Smartsheet terms they are Formulas.




NOT is used on a Boolean (true/false or 1/0) value like a checkbox to negate it - that is if false, now true.

ISBLANK checks if the cell is blank/empty. Good name. Tongue Out 

So, NOT(ISBLANK(cell)) is checking if the cell is not empty.


Hope that helps.






Thank again for the formula.  .  Yes, I am happy it was so simple.   I personally do better if I have universal rules and then I can work within that to write a forumla for a particular goal.    The form list seems to be a list of written formulas to solve singular issues.  



Good point. Employees from Smartsheet are often active on the Community so maybe they'll update the doc.



Here's another option for you!


=IF(ISDATE([Start Date]2), "Red")


Check out our blog for articles written on using formulas for more (less singular) purposes: https://www.smartsheet.com/search/gss/formula


While we do not have a blog post for every scenario, we are adding new posts all the time, so keep checking back for new ones. 

Thank you.   Is there a list of terms used in smartsheets?    Or is this something that is already known-  from where?    My brain is math based.  I think I am getting solid in the formating and some of the terms.    A list w/ definition would be helpful.    I did not see it - maybe I missed it?