I'm kinda new to this. I'm a little familiar with how formulas worked in Microsoft Excel, but not a pro in the slightest. I only know basic stuff.

How do you use a formula to change the value of symbols and check boxes and drop down menus? Also, I've been having trouble pulling the data from dates. I always get the #UNPARSEABLE error.

Here is my formula: = IF(MONTH([Column2]1) = 3, "X',"XX") What's wrong with my syntax?



Checks a box it finds the word color in the Task_Name cell    

=IF(FIND("color", Task_Name1) > 0, 1, 0)

Formula in date columns expect  the returned value to be a date, so it it returns a number it must be converted to text to sow or it will try and convert it to a date.

The formulae you show appears ok except if Column2 is not a date column. If that is the case then it is treating the cell as text.

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Is that formula for all of the mentioned types? If not, which parts of the formula should I change so it works for other data types?

Also I checked to see if the data type for Column2 is date, and it is, but the formula is in a different column.

(Edit: Apparently there was a single quote in the formula, and that was the only issue.)

Is Column 2, the actual name of your column? You want to use the column name in there. 


First, you have a typing mistake in the formula.

after X you have ' instead of ".

 = IF(MONTH([Column2]1) = 3, "X',"XX") 

As far as i saw for symbol columns, you need the IF results to be the exact phrase of the symbol.

For example:  if you are using the Red/Yellow/Green circles set, you need the ,formula to be something like:

= IF(MONTH([Column2]1) = 3, "Green","Red") 

I am not sure what are the values for all symbols, but for the 3 colors it works.

It is usually written in the tooltip that appears when you hove on the symbols in the column properties.

Regarding checkbox, you need to use 1 for "true" (checked) and 0 for "false"

= IF(MONTH([Column2]1) = 3, 1,0)