Hello all, 

I'm looking to use a Created By column to auto-fill my Primary column with a specific user's first and last name. I was planning on listing each user's email and full name with some variation of a IF/AND/OR or IFERROR statement, unless there's a more efficient alternative. Here is my current and one of many incorrect formulas I've tried:

=IF(AND(IF([Created By]1 = "USER1 EMAIL", "USER1 FULL NAME"), IF([Created By]1 = "USER2 EMAIL", "USER2 FULL NAME"))

I'd also like to have this formula being auto-filled as new columns are being created by a web-based form. 

Thank you!



There is a much easier and more efficient way to do this. You would build out a grid with names in one column and corresponding emails along side it in another column.


You would then use something along the lines of


=INDEX([Name Column]:[Name Column], MATCH([Created By]@row, [Email Column]:[Email Column], 0))