I'm trying to calculate a cost based on whether a field is marked (and another field that contains quantity) or not. So, if field A is marked (checkbox), then multiply $5 x Field B. If field A is not marked, then multiply $4 x Field B.


Is there a formula for this? Thank you, Jennifer





=IF(  [field A]23  , 5 * [Field B]23  , 4 * [Field B]23 ) 


for row 23


This also works:


=IF(  [field A]23  , 5 , 4  ) * [Field B]23


I added spaces for clarity (I hope).





You may want to split Craig's formula to SHOW which figure is used:

Create a new column with =IF(  [field A]23  , 5 , 4  )

And in another column calculate your cost =([new column]23 * [Field B]23)


Also, considering that the figures 5 and 4 could change over time, they can be located in a place where you can track or change them.

In such case you simply refer to the related box in the formula.