I have the following formula in a field to calculate a cost:

=IF([Pre-ID]6, 5.18 * [Higher Qnty]6, 4.98 * [Higher Qnty]6)


However, if the result of this calculation is not at least $300.00 I need the formula to insert $300 instead of what is actually calculated. How would I modify this formula? Is this possible?


Thank you, Jennifer



You can put that whole thing in another IF:

TL;DR - you want this:

=IF(IF([Pre-ID]6, 5.18 * [Higher Qnty]6, 4.98 * [Higher Qnty]6) < 300, 300, IF([Pre-ID]6, 5.18 * [Higher Qnty]6, 4.98 * [Higher Qnty]6))


If I relable your formula (without the =) as YourWholeIF, what I did was

=IF(YourWholeIF < 300, 300, YourWholeIF)

which says, "if YourWholeIF is less than 300, then the result is 300, otherwise it is YourWholeIF".


Hope that helps!



Or this


=MAX(IF([Pre-ID]6, 5.18 * [Higher Qnty]6, 4.98 * [Higher Qnty]6),300)


(FIXED! Doh!)



I think Craig meant =MAX instead of =MIN, but I do like his format better.

Oh brillian J. Craig!!! It worked. Thank you.