currently my team (4 members) uses one excel file to save information about insurance incidents (task tracking with regularly action documentation f.e. what have craftsmen done, has insurance paid a.s.o). 

It takes a few month until we all may use SmartSheet. Until that time I would like to daily or weekly import the the excel file into the SmartSheet-sheet.

How is that possible? What could be the best way?



Hi Jörg,

Have you looked at the Premium Add-On, Data Uploader?

More info: https://www.smartsheet.com/datauploader

Depending on the specifics, I might be able to help as well. I recently built a solution for one of my clients, where they used another solution for structuring their project. The solution I made takes the pasted information from an excel file and links it to a project sheet and can then be rearranged as needed.

Hope that helps!

Have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant / CEO @ WORK BOLD


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Good morning Andree,

it´s funny. If I follow your proposed link /datauploader and filled out the contact form.

I received a message from sales department that they are not responsible. I should contact support -

I contacted support twice - first they didn´t response, than they asked me to look up Community...


I would like to come back to your offer to help...;-)

What solution could you offer to daily or weekly import excel files and consolidate with a smartsheet sheet.(problem seems not to completely overwrite some data such as chats, emails,??)

greetings Joerg


Glad we got it working!

Have a fantastic week!