I am pulling multiple reports into a dashboard. I am then making charts from these reports. One of the reports, will not measure the same as the others even though the criteria is the same. For example, the bottom % are showing 1% multiple times along the lower horizontal of the page. I want it to match the others which are showing 0%, 10%, 20 % increments, etc.

How do I fix this?




Hi Jenn,

Have you checked the Scale to data values in the Edit Chart Widget window under the Horizontal and Vertical Axis sections?

Did that work?

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Andrée Starå

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If they are multiple different chart widgets, this may unfortunately still not work. I have come across this issue as well where regardless of whether or not that box is checked, the horizontal axis is displayed differently because of the difference in the data. I usually use counts instead of percentages, but there have been plenty of times where the widget would be the same size, but because one was a count of 10 and the other a count of 2, the horizontal axis is at a different scale.