I am running a project where certain tasks are the responsibility of small project teams.

As the teams are flat in hierarchy I would like to assign tasks in my smartsheet to multiple (generally only 2 or 3) people, such that they receive reminders, update requests, notifications etc and can update the sheet.

Is this possible?



Like can be done in MS Project? That would be nice!

This is pretty common for us. Would definitely be helpful.

You do not need to have the assigned to do this task. 


If you use notifications and alerts you can set the people or team that are notified. This will take care of alot of the issues that you have as fas as multilple people. 

In regards to update requests, notifications, and updating the sheet - they don’t need to be assigned to the task to utilize this functionality. Reminders can also be sent to any users shared to the sheet (even if they are not assigned to a task) but having them assigned to the task makes it easier. Assigning multiple users to a task for use with reminders can be done by adding additional Contact List columns to your sheet (one for each user assigned to a task). When setting up your reminders, you will need to set up a separate reminder for each Contact List column. 

One workaround that other customers use that will work with resource management is to list the same task on multiple rows and assign each one to a different person. You might consider indenting all of the rows underneath a parent header row for the task for organizational purposes. 

I'm so glad I found this string!  I'm with Chuck Rebew (nice 'fro btw) - I need the ability to assign a single row to a group of people (with or without varying levels of hours worked...).  I can see the explosion of rows on the plan (mentioned by Travis) arduous to maintain.  This is particularly important for Resource Manager.


I have a plan with test cycles that involves 25 people and demands 50% allocation from each of these team members for the timeframe(s) stipulated.  That list of 25 people may change throughout the course of the project, and may be different for test cycle 1 vs test cycle 2.


I would recommend the functionality from MS Project shared by Chuck above be baked into SmartSheet Resource Manager as a much needed enhancement request.


Thanks for your input!

This enhancement is very much needed. I've been looking seriously at Smartsheet for my company as an MS Project alternative.


The lack of this feature alone is enough to stop us from transitioning. Please implement ASAP.


Shartsheet is unfortunately not an option for me/us if it is not possible to assign the same task to several people. The workaround with copying the same task is not an option as th sheet will be packed with rows. 

I will however give it a try and indent the different people.

This should be an easy feature to add in. Is this something that is in the pipeline? If so, when can we expect to see this? Little limitations like this are what can hold this product back. I personally hate MS Project 2013, it's too confusing for the majority of the users in my organization. I want Smartsheet to work. Please update us on this basic and easy to add feature.



Joseph, this functionality is not on our near term roadmap but it is something we are considering for future development. I’ll add your vote for it!


Here is a list of the items currently in development: http://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

Totally agree. We'd need that feature too in order to make the transition. The rest of your solution works so fluidly. It's sad this feature isn't available..

I also agree that we need this feature, please add my company to the list of requestors for this feature.

MA and Sara, I will add both your votes for this!

Travis,  this is not an option for us.  We will keep using SmartSheet, until we find a different platform- sepcifically for this function.  Too bad, because I really like everything else this platform offers. But, managing human resources is an integral part of succesful project management.  It's not something we can live without in the long-term.

I completely agree. Would recommend that you prioritize this feature, as it would make all the difference for us. Without it, the resource management feature is much less valuable for us.

Same here. Please prioritize this feature!

Travis please add my vote for this functionality as I consider it essential. Any ETA on when it may be available?

Sharone, Brenda, Evert, Stewart, and Mauricio I have added your votes! 


 I do not have an ETA for the development of this feature but you can stay up to date on what we are working on by checking out our product roadmap: http://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap

Sorry Travis to hear that this ability won't be available in the near future. Unfortunately I won't be able to get my company to switch from MS Project until that capability is available. Please keep us posted

+1 on needing multiple assignments for workload tracking. can't seriously use for project management until this feature exists. liking everything else so far.

This is so basic. Why is this not on your road map? Dedicate a programmer to it and i cant see why it would take more than a week or so to get this functional.

+1 for this feature—if that's what we want to call it. It's really a no-brainer requirement. Evaluating the product now, but that will be a deal breaker. Run, don't walk! Thanks!

Adding my vote as well. As a PM for a large ERP upgrade project I do not want to add a new row for each resource and worry about any user error of missing a predecessor or accidentally entering a wrong date in 1 row. 

Amanda, you can simply add additional contact list columns to your sheet to assign tasks to multiple users, rather than adding additional rows for each user. The additional contact list column will not work for resource management but it will work for other features, such as reminders, reports, filters, etc. 

Wow, for me this is one of those: "I can't believe you can't do this features." And I read that is not on their near-term roadmap, which I find hard to understand. This is one of those basic, make it functional for a team type items.


I did find a work around, just make the field Text, Number and you can put people's names into it, then run notifications 'yourself' or everyone get notified of every update.  Fine for small teams, not so good if your company is well over 70k people like mine.

+1 more vote to get this function fast tracked.


The suggested work arounds are not acceptable for our application.

We need to assign multiple people to a single task and have resource managment for each person.


Great system apart from this minor oversight in functionality.

But one would expect it would be a simple fix and SS can get a update rolled out pretty quickly.

Please add another vote for this feature to be fast tracked. 

Need to be able to assign tasks to multiple parties whilst retaining visibility on resource allocation. 


Can't come soon enough. 



I also vote for this enhancement in Smartsheet. Will be very useful feature.

Hey William, et al


How would you want this to ideally work with resource management? Does multiple assigenees also mean we need to introduce the concept of "work effort" vs "duration?" If I have a task that is 3 days long, does each assignee get 3 days on their resource view? Or do I have to set these independently? If I add an assignee to a task does the work get divided? or multiplied? Many other project management tools have gone down this path, creating lots of unusable complexity in the process. We are interesting in finding a way to keep it as simple as possible while still giving you an effective tool. Would love to hear your thoughts. 







I also vote for this. I just sent this in to Smartsheet support and Shane Whitehurst as one of the features our agency would like to see. 


(Also...we would like for resources to be able to be entered into one field/cell. And, it would be GREAT if the Smartsheet contacts could be synched with the email Active Directory.)


As for your question regarding how to address work effort vs duration,  I am most familiar with MS Project.   I would suggest defaulting the % alllocated to 100% but allow the user to override.  So if 3 people are assigned to the same task and the duration is 5 days/40 hours and they are allocated at 100%, then the WORK is 120 hours (3 x 40 hours). However, I would like to be able to change the level of effort (% allocation or units)  such as in the example below to 50% for each resource. This would then change the WORK to 60 hours (3 x 40hours x 50%)


Hope this answers your question. 







Hi Robin,

Gald to hear you are trying not to be as complex as MS Project, that is one of the main reasons we like Smart Sheet so much.


For our specific situation we just need to track resourse over allocation.

Effort of all resourses is always 100%. 


We run multiple projects simultaneously with varying durations (from several days to several months) in locations all over the country.

We have teams of 3 to 12 people assigned to each project, but with additional specialist resourses that need to be assigned to every project at a specific stage for a set duration.


Ideally we would like to track each specialist resourse across all projects and flag the days that they are over allocated.

That way we can adjust our planning to ensure they can transition smoothly between each project.


I have tried unsuccessfully to use additional columns and conditional formatting on our master planning sheet to highlight over allocation.

We are a current SS customer, the lack of this feature could be a deal breaker for us. One more vote to have this feature added asap! Thanks.

Count me in; adding multiple assignments is critical to resource planning.  Adding in multiple lines is not realistic.

Our company uses small teams as well and the ability to assign multiple resources to a single task is a must have. Even the ability to split the task evenly would at least be a start. This would allow me to still know who is on the task and request updates as to the progress.


Please put this on the top of the priority list!

I agree that it should allow us to assign the same task to multiple people.  Please add soon on a future release.  Thanks!


Hi all,


Has there been any further developments or solutions to this issue - as most people have commented, yes in some ways it helps not to be so granular, but for the purposes of individual Resource Management, it's QUITE vital for capacity reports. I know one workaround could be for assigning the 'Assigned To' as a Group account, but that still doesn't solve the problem of knowing individual allocation. 


Would SS Admins care to comment?


Thanks all!

Lack of this functionality is certainly a showstopper for us to switch completely to Smartsheet. Now we just use Smartsheet for small projects.

Zach, Robin (Smartsheet Product Manager) posted here a couple weeks ago, asking about how users would ideally want this to work... here is his post (from above), feel free to reply here with suggestions and answers to his questions:


"How would you want this to ideally work with resource management? Does multiple assigenees also mean we need to introduce the concept of "work effort" vs "duration?" If I have a task that is 3 days long, does each assignee get 3 days on their resource view? Or do I have to set these independently? If I add an assignee to a task does the work get divided? or multiplied? Many other project management tools have gone down this path, creating lots of unusable complexity in the process. We are interesting in finding a way to keep it as simple as possible while still giving you an effective tool. Would love to hear your thoughts. "

+1 for feature request.

Definetely a downside of SS.

Please include my vote also for developing this feature as this function is imperative to manage resources across aprojects.

Donn, Mark, David, Kay, Zach, Victor, Greg, and Sonia, I submitted your votes! 

I agree with comments re multiple resources for single tasks. I usually have two/three or more resouces for tasks and it can become onerous when adding several rows for the same activity

I vote for this feature. It's super important for schedule and resource management. When can SS integrate this feature?

Adding my vote for multiple resource allocation to a single task as well. Its clutch.

Voting for this feature!

Looks like we are going back to using Project until this feature becomes available. It's unfortunate because everything else about SmartSheet was perfect but this feature is a must have.