I need to merge cells, some within the same row, some within the same column, etc.  I do not see a "merge cells" button, nor can I find the term in the community here.   This is a basic requirement of a sheet, just curious where that button is hidden, and/or if it exists at all?  Thanks.



Hi PJ,


You cannot merge cells in Smartsheet, like you can in Excel.

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I would like to vote to add the merging of rows capability, to include the attachments.  This is our most requested feature in smartsheets. 

this is one of the few really frustrating things about Smartsheets - what are the chances of it being added in the future please?

Tom, we do not have any near term plans for this functionality but I will submit your vote for this request to our product team! 

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Then why does the SmartSheet website show an example of merging cells?  This actual template doesn't exist - yes, there is a RACI Template but is not set up in this same fashion.  Frankly, the template does not look as nice as this screenshot example from your website.  

I would like this too.  To create a "longer" text header on top of your sheet that would also be viewable in your reports

Another vote for cell merge.

I vote for cell merge, I agree that this is a basic requirment when building a sheet.

Doug, Jason, and Brian - your votes are tracked! 

Another vote for cell merge!

Thanks Meagan - I have submitted your vote!

Please add one more vote to the tally in favor of a merge cells function.

As a new user, the inability to merge cells is a major issue.

Definitely adding my vote here, its kinda insane that Merge cells doesnt exist. This is also a super simple feature, with very powerful uses.


Please add! 

Chris, Mike, and Adam - your votes have been recorded! 

Seriously need the merging cells! I am trying to bring on a new company that I work for and this is one down fall that I am having - NOT BEING ABLE TO MERGE!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD!!!!

Add my vote to the list :)

Thanks Kelly and Nick, I have added your votes! 

Another vote for cell merge!

a vote from me for merged cells

I have added your votes, Therese and Mark! 

Vote me in for this! I tried to merge cells today & was surprised I coudn't. 





LaToya and Brian - your votes are added! 

Travis, please add my vote! 

Merging cells would definitively be perfect for getting almost every sheet in a good and readable shape...




Added, Dietrich! 

Another vote for merging.

A definite vote for cell merge! 

I would like to see this feature too

Please add my vote as well! 

Please add my vote. Really suprised this isn't one of the first things built in. 

Must have if Smartsheet is going to become a true replacement for Excel, as I'm sure many would like it to.

Any update on 'merging of cells'?

Thank you!

Please add another vote for cell merging. 

Another vote please!  Similar to Doug Heinrich's comment on October 2, 2015 8:18 am, I would also like to create a Parent header that might include multiple columns.  Therefore my request is 2 fold:


1) The ability to add multiple rows to the header

2) the ability to merge cells.



Another vote for cell merge. I find it quite hard to track multiple people and events at one time on one sheet without this function. 

I vote to for a Merge button to


it will be a good add whern working with smarsheet.

I need this function too! Thank you!

Another vote for merge cells functionality to be added.

Who are we?? Smartsheet users!

What do we want?? To be able to merge cells!!

When do we want it?? Now!!!



Log another vote for merged cells.  Never worked with a spreadsheet program that can't merge cells, may have to go back to Google Docs....

This is goofy. I love the idea of SmartSheet, and most of the reality of it, but there are some very rudimentary things a grade schooler can do with Excel that aren't possible in SmartSheet, and it REALLY detracts from the value of using SmartSheet.


It also makes me look like an idiot for recommending SmartSheet when my boss asks "Can't you just make the column title spread across three columns like Excel?" and I tell him I can't.

Is this feature really still not available? How do people create headers above several columns of cells?

I'm also keen for this.... surely it can't be that hard to add???

Big drawback.  Please add my vote.