I'm using Zapier to auto-create a task but I want the task to have subtasks as well and it seems like I can't do this through Zapier. Any idea on how I can set this up automatically, so that when a new task is created the same 8 subtasks is always added to any new task through Zapier?



Hi Ross,

I don't believe zapier has the capability of indenting rows in Smartsheet. (At least, I couldn't find any info on this.)

You might try reaching out to zapier support directly to see if they can confirm this.

I know that it's possible to do this via our API, so if zapier can't do it, then maybe another automation tool can (appsheet, azuqua).

Zapier user here: No Zapier's standard actions do not allow indentation.

If you are willing to write your code in Python 2.6, they do have an App Integration that can house the API code that you would use to perform the indentation.