Building a kanban board with typical IT cycle states: Ready, Dev, Test, Deploy, Done.  I'd like to track cycle times and throughput.  I've created (locked) columns to capture a status change for each of the cycle states; e.g. Dev Start and formula "=IF([email protected] = "Dev", TODAY())". That works to capture the date that a task moved to Dev, but when the status changes to Test, the Dev Start column goes blank and the Test Start column gets the date. I understand that would be expected behavior - had to try.

Is there a way to keep the original formula result persistent? That is, once the value is set in the locked column to make it stay, be persistent?


The only way to accomplish this would be to have the user manually enter the date. Unfortunately SS does not currently support time stamps based on anything other than created and last modified.

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Thanks, Paul & Andree. I'll submit an enhancement request. I can see using a persistent date function to capture baseline dates for Start and End dates in schedules.. 

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It could probably be set up with the help of a third-party solution like Zapier or similar.

Would that work?

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