I'm inserting a custom report into a dashboard, but it's only showing the first 150 lines.  After that I have to "click to view source report".  But no matter how much 'sharing' I do, I cannot enable a non-Smartsheet user to be able to see the whole report.  Is there a way to have the entire report scrollable on the dashboard?  I currently need about 300 lines.



Have you tried publishing the report then using a Web Content widget? I am not sure if that will solve the issue of not all lines being shown, but it will give a non-SS user the ability to view the report without having to give them access to the underlying sheet(s).

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My apologies. I didn't mean to create the report and use a report widget on the dashboard.


I meant publishing the report and using a web content widget.


Go to the report itself. Click the little globe. Toggle the switch to publish it. Take the URL from that dialog box and use that url in a web content widget.


If all they need is the report, you can just send them that published URL and skip the dashboard.