Is it possible to block different columns for different people?

There is Person A and B and there are columns 1-2-3-4-5-6,

Person A can edit info on columns 1-2-3 but has columns 4-5-6 lock

Person B can edit columns 4-5-6 but has column 1-2-3 lock

 If not, what can be a solution for it?



Inherently, no. Column locking only prevents users with the role of editor from editing a particular column. Smartsheet has an add-on service called Dynamic View that can do what you are requesting by limiting what data specfiic people see. Without a third-party solution... I would recommend creating reports for your other individuals that only reveals the columns they need to edit. In the main sheet they would still have access to everything, but the report would serve as a filter to only show each team/person the data they need. 

Would any of those solutions work for you?