Hi all,

I have a spreadsheet with just 4 columns, and i have a set of rules to apply to them.

One of those rules is sending Update requests if the date column is over 7days in the past.

But, since the spreadsheet will have "countless" rows, i want the rows that had Update requests before, to be locked (easy part) after the first request, but also to not be picked up by future automations.

Basically i just want the most recent one to be picked up, under a certain customer code.


Does someone know any good solution for this?


You made need to use another date column as a helper. You could then use a basic


=[Original Date Column]@row + 7


to establish 7 days later and set your automations to trigger on the new date column. They should only trigger on the date that is in that column instead of everything that is greater than 7 days old.