Check out our conditional notifications prototype and provide your feedback through a 10 minute usability test: https://s2.userzoom.com/m/NCBDNjUwUzY2(Firefox, Chrome, or IE8+ only). Thanks for your participation!

(Note about the testing platform: after you complete a task, click the "Success" or "Not Sure" button at the bottom of your screen. This will advance you to the next task.)



These will be nice in whatever form they come out in, I'm sure. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to feedback directly.

I know this enhancement is still probably going through some testing however if all goes well do we have an estimate on when we might see this enhancment in the product. It is a very exciting change that my company has been talking alot about lately.

@michael - no target estimate yet, but we are working very hard on building it.  stay tuned - we will share an update once we know more.  Tx

Definitely want this... for Christmas Smile

I'll settle for Easter Laughing