I read in another tread that the ability to select multiple items in a dropdown list was in development. Does anyone know if that is available now?




Hi Silvia,

Unfortunately, it isn't possible yet. A possible workaround could be to use the Google Form integration or similar.

I hope this helps you!


Andrée Starå - Workflow Consultant @ Get Done

Multiple selections in a field are something I need for assigning multiple people or resources.  The checkbox works for a temporary solution, but it doesn't look as elegant as a multi-selection would. 

I use the Google form integration for this. Works very well.

I also change the form theme so it is close in appearance to a Smartsheet webform and the crews don't notice the difference :)

Information is transferred across in the format I want and I can use the Alerts & Notifications in Smartsheet to keep everyone informed of the updates.

I've submitted this as a Product Enhancement Request, as well. This is a very straight-forward feature. We can see they have the capability to offer it because it's almost identical to the functionality of the Contact List column type.

I also need this feature.  It seems to have been on the roadmap for a long time.  Does anyone know when this might be available?

Yep, would be a nice addition. Is there a way to vote-up this or other suggestions? (aside from "liking" this post)

What's the latest update on this functionality?

Also interested in an update...

Need this - like today! :)

Also interested in an update.  

I haven't even officially started using Smartsheet and I already want this. Huge limitation for something that claims to be so robust.

I, too, would love an update the ability to multi-select dropdown list items. Works great in the multiple contacts field. Is this currently on the roadmap? 

Both the dynamic dropdown and multi dropdown selection will really change the landscape of this platform. I'm VERY excited!

Great that this is in development! Just wanted to share my specific use-case, as it differs from those listed above. My team works with a lot of visual product merchandising, and we use Smartsheet as an item tracker in our development. 

Because our work is so visual, my team LOVES the card view. It's an easy way to quickly identify product status. But, this is driven by card view, which is driven by drop downs.

If multiple drop downs were to become available, we would be able to have multiple cards per each entry, correct? This would be hugely beneficial for our projects, allowing us to show where each item has been assigned to different assortments, and in different product releases.

Thanks for all your support! 

Hi everyone, 

I'm pleased to announce that the Multi Select Dropdown project is in development. 

Thank you for the passion, and thanks for the patience.


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Hi Jhaines,

We have an idea internally but do not want to share publicly yet until we get closer to release. I will update you when I have the go-ahead.

Thank you for the patience and understanding,



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Hi William,

We want to be very sensitive to setting release expectations publicly as they can be pushed forward or back.

If you have a CSM, they can work with you to provide more clarity, once an NDA is signed.

Thanks for your understanding,


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Hi Lynn,

Yes, I do, however we want to be very sensitive to setting release date expectations publicly as they can be pushed forward or back.

If you have a CSM, they can work with you to provide more clarity, once an NDA is signed.

Thank you,


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Hi Lynn,

Now we're in Sept 2019, are we any closer to release?  We have some major projects which were trialling on SS, without the feature we're building unnecessary workarounds to support the production line.  It would be great if you can release now, it's not that big a change compared to the muliple selection on contacts column already exists.



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AWESOME!  Thanks Kara, my 7 year wait is coming to an end!  Looking forward to telling our global team, it will make such a difference and we can remove Google Forms layer!  Let us know when it's launched please!


Thanks a million Smartsheet Team!

Multi-select for dropdowns is a great need for my team. Excited to know when this feature will be announced. 

This feature would be greatly beneficial for our use-case as well.  A general release timeline would be extremely helpful for our planning.  I need to know if I should implement a short-term workaround or wait for this feature.

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Hi J,

We want to be very sensitive to setting release expectations publicly as they can be pushed forward or back.

If you have a CSM, they can work with you to provide more clarity, once an NDA is signed.

Thanks for your understanding,



+1 -- Need this too.

Would love this feature as well and could use it now. 

I would love an update on this feature, seems like it's been talked about for quite some time...I'm still in the trial period and likely won't upgrade without it, so would appreciate a hard date.

Any update on this request? This would be very nice to have.

as a work-around you can use (for example) column 1 to ask the question, and each column after that to be an option while all being check boxes - this can clutter a sheet, but gives you the ability to select multiple options on a form. 


Column 1 - Tell us about your Smartsheet experience 

column type - text / number

Column 2 - What is your main use case?

column type - text / number

Column 3 - What other software's do you use?

column type - text / number

Column 4 - Salesforce

Column 5 - JIRA

Column 6 - ServiceNow

Column 7 - MS Dynamics 365

- All checkbox columns 

see screenshot for what this would look like on a form. 

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Actually, you don't need that first column.. when building a form, you can add a divider space/hardline and a header/text..



As a new user I've run into this limitation almost immediately. Please add soon!

Thanks Tim and Ali,

I'll post an update when this is released in this thread, and also have the Community team post on the right side panel of Community under Announcements.

Thank you!

(and not too much longer now wink I promise)