Hello Everyone, 

I am looking for a formula that will add today's date if certain criteria has been met.


If "Approved" or "Denied" has been entered into the Status column I would like today's date to automatically be entered in the date column.


Thanks in advance.





Hi Stephanie,

You can place a formula in a date column like the following example:

=IF([Status]1 = “Approved”, TODAY())

A couple of caveats with this:

  • TODAY() will update to the current date as long as the condition is met, meaning if something was set to “Approved” in your sheet today, but you open the sheet tomorrow, that formula will result in tomorrow’s date being returned.
  • Formula’s can’t exist in date/time columns being used for dependencies.

Another possibility to explore is a System column that tracks the date/time of the last change made to the row, details on this in the help center: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/1964567-system-columns

This is a big help Shaine.  Thank you.

This is what I have =IF(Status464 = "Approved", TODAY())

I would like to have the formula enter today's date if the answer is Approved or Denied.

How would the formula look? 

Thanks again, 



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Hi Stephanie,

You can add the OR function in:

=IF(OR(Status464 = "Approved", Status464 = "Denied"), TODAY())

Full disclosure, I didn't test this but I'm confident in the syntax. Let me know if it doesn't work in your sheet and I'll adjust the formula (and my confidence level).

Thanks again.  This is a big help.