I am looking to do a nested if so if a value is x y is returned, see below details-;


  • IF COM = A
  • IF CR = B
  • IF HAR = C
  • IF ARF = D
  • IF AR = E
  • IF PSRF = F
  • IF PSR = G
  • IF 2020 PSR = L

I am having an issue with the below formula's (whichever way round I put it):


=IF(Type117 = "PSR", "G", IF(Type117, ="PSRF", "F", 0)) 


I am thinking it is because PSRF and PSR are similar - is there any way round this? Sorry if it doesnt make sense. 






You have an extra comma in the second IF between the cell reference and it's criteria.


Because you have so many different possibilities, it may be easier to build a table (like the one in your OP) and use an INDEX/MATCH to pull the correct value. That will provide much more flexibility if you end up needing to change, add, or delete and of the values.


If you are interested, I can walk you through setting that up.