Are there any plans to add the ability to display a graphical Network Diagram based on the dependencies?





We don’t have any near term plans to display graphical network diagrams but I will add your vote for this enhancement request! 

I would like to second Stephen Travis. It is a much need feature of any decent scheduling utility.

Edmond M., UC Berkeley Extension Instructor

Please add my vote as well.  The network diagram is an important visual tool in PM.

Please add my vote. We want use it in our company.

please add my vote as well.  it would be really nice to show a network diagram with the team.

I have added your vote, Samuel!

Add another on behalf of me please! This functionality is fairly crucial to the process for Project Managers who use this software and require it to have the diversity of other PM software. Thanks!

Please add my vote for this feature as well :-)

+1 vote

Add my vote.

Please add my vote as well.  the network view is very helpful.

Please add a vote for me.

Please add my vote to this also. The availability of the network diagram is a major roadblock to us shifting to smartsheet for complex project planning. It is a must for large projects!! 

Please add my vote as well!!  

add my vote too, please please please! laugh


thank you!

Are you still taking votes or has the election closed?

;) +1 Please

Same here, I'm disappointed you don't have one. Primavera P6 does and it was extremely useful.