I would be interested in what people think of the new way of publishing reports.


I have had a customer come back to me with negative feedback.  It looks and feels like a smartsheet not an output to place in a Webpage as part of a dashboard of Reports, charts and other information.  The older style looked like an output that could be incoporated into a printed document as part of the document and not stand out as being different to the other information in the report.


I am neuteral on it but would value the comments of other members.


Hi JamesR.


In our opinion, the new style is better as it allows users to highlight changes, view history, export, and send. Most importantly to us, conditional formatting can shine through on this new way of publishing reports.


I can see how the classic style was a little more subdued, but if that's what people want, they can export the data and make it look however they like!


I did just request a feature to add the auto-math to the lower-right hand corner as it is not a part of the published reports; it is only included on sheets normal reports.


If you like that concept, submit it as an enhancement request!