There is a little disclaimer on Smartsheet's article about automated alerts under using double bracket placeholders. Has anyone experienced this happening to them?

NOTE: Adding placeholders to your messages may possibly result in you receiving multiple alerts or actions where you may have previously received a single, consolidated one. If you find yourself receiving multiple alerts or actions with similar subject and message content, and you want to change this behavior, edit the delivery settings to remove the placeholders.





Thanks for your post! I can confirm that this may occur if placeholders are used in the alert and multiple rows meet the alert criteria when the alert is triggered. For example, if you have a rule that sends you an alert when rows are added, and five rows are added in a single save, you may receive five separate alerts rather than one consolidated alert with information from all five rows.

When placeholders are not used, all five rows can be sent in a single notification because the subject and message body are identical. However, since the subject and message body may differ for each of these rows when using placeholders in the alert, a separate notification must be generated for each row.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Isaac.

In my case, I'd only like the bodies of the messages themselves to use placeholders. I'd want the subjects to stay the same so they'll be nested in the recipient's inbox.

I'd like to know with certainty if this means those emails will be consolidated, before I send them out to a few hundred people.

In this case, where only the message bodies contain placeholders and subjects remain the same, would the automated emails be consolidated every time?


Thank you