My sheet is very odd looking right now.  I've assigned % Complete to the % Complete collumn.  My results however are not all presenting uniformly.  


Some are rolling up as %, some as 0.xxxx   and I can't figure the reason.  I understand they represent the same thing, but formatting matters for some of my stake holders.. It's happening throughout my sheet.



Any ideas how to get it all to read as percentages?     





It looks like the formatting for some of your cells was changes from a percent. Click on the percent complete column header (which will highlight the entire column) and press the Percent Format button on your toolbar.

Thanks John,


I have no idea how it happened and it was random through the entire sheet.


But the format button worked - hadn't considered that (no idea why not).  I guess because I was thinking it was automagic as being defined as the % complete in dependencies.