OK, techie querie:


I created a sheet, transfered ownership to someone else (another licensed user), who then gave me admin permission as part of a group of which I am a member.


However, I can't insert columns - the option is greyed out. This only happens with one sheet, other sheets that seem to have the same history and set-up will let me insert columns.


The current sheet owner is on holiday, so this causes a bit of a problem:

 a) I don't understand why I can't insert columns if I have admin permission.

 b) It would be useful to have some kind of "ownership override" as the main Smartsheet account holder.


Any ideas?


A couple things to double check, are you a licensed user and an admin on the sheet? Only licenced users who are shared to the sheet as admins can insert columns. Are you able to make other changes in the sheet? 

Hi Travis,


Yes - I'm a licensed user (the main account is in my name and email) and I belong to a group which has been given admin permission. I have double checked the details and can't see any issues.


I can add data to cells in the sheet but most options when I right-click a column are greyed out.


Best wishes,



Could you take a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try and insert a column? I am interested in what the menu looks like, you omit any sheet data in the screenshot. 

OK, problem solved - my mistake. I was following a hyperlink that was set up to direct me to the wrong (but similarly named) project!


Thanks for your responses Travis.