Hi Everyone,


I am trying to create a checklist for my organization and have everyone check off on their task by inputting a "yes" or "no" using a drop down list indicating weather the task is completed or not respectively. 

What I want to happen is, if they answer "no" on the Smartsheet, that there will be a pop up of a form requiring them to fill out before moving forward with any other items on the checklist.

Are there any functions similar to what I described? and if so how?

Thank You!


Have you tried to use Automation to create an update request immediately following the "No" response from the user.

I am not sure that it will prevent a user from moving on but it will prompt them to finish filling out the details.

Check out Update Requests. You can have them automatically sent if a response changes to "No".


Hi Cuong,

Another option to an update request could be to use a combination of formulas and conditional formatting to highlight a message with a link to the form or similar when the answer is no.

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting