Is there a way to hide weekends (or any non-work days) so that they don't take up width in the Gantt chart view?


There isn’t a way to hide weekends in the Gantt chart but I will add your vote for this enhancement request! Thanks for the suggestion! Laughing

Hey Travis, could you submit a vote from me on that as well? I think it would be quite helpful on the Gantt chart view as I'm presenting to people.



Brandon - your vote is added!

Please add my vote. Currently it's not possible to have a meeting scheduled for a Monday that is dependent on completing a task the prececing Friday. As soon as the predecessor is set, the meeting moves to Friday. Not sure if removing the weekend days display would fix this, but it would make it less confusing.

Troy - it is possible to use predecessors to schedule a meeting on Monday that is dependent on a task ending Friday. 



If you have a duration of 0 (milestone) then the task would jump to Friday (because there is not a duration). Adding a 1 day lag day would fix this and would keep your milestone. 


To add a 1 day lag day, add "+ 1" after your predecessor value.


If you are still having trouble with this, post a screenshot of your task and we can troubleshoot. 



A vote from me to hide weekends as well please.

One more vote for the hide weekend in gantt chart feature.

One more vote to hide non working hours and weekends please.

Another vote from me. This could really do with adding. The gantt view would be a lot better with this feature.

I would also like to vote to remove weekends from Gantt view.

Please add my vote to be able to hide non-working days

Please add my vote to hide weekends on the Gantt view.  Still have to share with some printed version.  Would shorten it up by 2/7ths.

Me too!  Thanks.

Is this feature happening? I'm a new user and also want to add a vote for this.