A few features that would be great when printing your smartsheet. 


( 1 ) Option to print or include legend for Symbol Type Columns

( 2 ) Allow selectiong of Font Size in the Print Set Up window. Font sizes that look great on screen may not be great or are too small for report printing. 


Agreed, the printing options could be a little smarter.


Hi Chris, I would be happy to pass your suggestions along to our product team. For your first request, some users will create a legend in the rows at the top of their sheet - this might be a good workaround for you.



For your second request, how would you like this to work? You could have multiple font sizes in your sheet, so are you asking to have a single font size set in the print dialog menu that overrides any font setting in the sheet, or are you asking to the option to increase or decrease all font sizes by a specified number, or something else?

Thanks Travis, not a bad idea to add legend at the top of the sheet itself... Probably a better option considering it would be easily visible when viewing online as well.


For item 2, i think it would be easier if it was an overriding font size definable in the print dialog. Seems more straight forward than increasing the font size by a value.



Thanks Chris, I'll pass your feedback along! 

Yes, it would be great to have the feature to add custom legends specially when you use formula to highlight different cells for different reasons..

Hi Travis,

Is there a way to keep a couple of rows as ledgends at the top of the sheet when you do a sort on the rest of the data in the sheet?

Sure! You can select a range of rows to sort. To do this, single left click on the row number of the first row in the range, hold shift, and single left click on the last row number of the range. Right click in the selected area and select Sort Rows.


Another option is to indent all your rows under the legend rows. Parent rows will stay at the top when you sort (if you have a couple legend rows, you may need to indent one under another, then the rest of the rows under them - creating two parent rows).

Thanks,  That will help a lot!  Even more to sort a subset of the sheet.