We're using smartsheet to track a land acquisition project for a utility.  Each row will contain a contact, parcel features, a dates of progress.  We need a way to manage daily communication and updates.  We have considered using comments and a remarks column.  Is there a better solution?





Hi Jenn,

It depends. Here are a few different methods.

  • Using comments and @mention to discuss
  • Using update request and specific columns or comments
  • Another sheet where a daily log is collected thru a form or update request

Would any of those methods help/work?

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Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

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Is there a sub datasheet similar to access an option?   I'm thinking we have contacts in rows, each new contact day would have a new row.  Is there a way to automate that?





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Happy to help!

To create new rows, I would recommend either having a Daily Update Request or Reminder with a link to a form that would add a new row for each submission.

Would that work/help?