How much does anyone else promote this program. Have you heard the words"are these guys paying you".  I just completed a mastermind group and it was a dominate topic for me in addressing how business owners can advance their company. I am wondering what is the level that all of us on here feel and promote about this program. Myself I used this to save our company from certain collapse. I have used it now to save other peoples companies as well. I love the community for sure. What a great rescource we all have in each other. 


I end up promoting it quite a lot, but then I am the kind of person who gets a kick out of a really simple and elegegant solution to a problem. Smartsheet does a lot of simple things very well, and it's a product that I see massive further potential for. 


I hope it continues to develop in a similar vein, and doesn't lose sight of the simplicity that makes it so great.

I've been called, "Smartsheet Queen" by several at work. LOL. 

But it has been such a benefit for us that it's my first mention whenever anyone - work or personal (yes, even on FB!) mentions they're needing to do any kind of work that needs tracked in any manner.

And yes, I've been asked if I get paid...in jest. ;-)


I'm definitely the SS salesman at my company.  Simple, clean, and user friendly.  And at a great price.  I don't know why we didn't use it before.