I have published calendars to google several times by going to calendar mode in SS and selecting the "Publish to Google Calendar" button then selecting "ON" and it shows up on Google under "My Calendars" .  But my problem is that one employee is trying to publish a calendar to Google but it will not show up as one of their calendars.  All of the google settings are correct.  The only way we can make it show up is if we add the calendar to Google using the URL address and then the calendar shows on "Other Calendars".  Does anyone know why this maybe happening?



Do they have multiple gmail accounts? They could be publishing their calendar to the incorrect Google account 

Travis is there not a issue with multiple people sharing the same page to the calendar if the calendar is shared to the same people? 

Jeremy, multiple users can be shared to a sheet and add the sheets calendar to their Google accounts. Is that what you were asking?

No he does not have multiple gmail accounts.

Stephanie- ask the user to try publishing a different sheet to their Google account. Does this work?