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I am new to the community..so hopefully my question is not too stupid :D

I am currently using Excel to calculate a value by using the normal distribution formula. I would like to pull this value from excel and then update a cell in Smartsheet. It is an on-going exercise so the fetch should be done regularly (ideally real-time). May I know which is the best way to achieve this? Data uploader? Data connector?

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Is it just one cell?

It sounds to me that Zapier would be an excellent option for this scenario. Is that an option for you?

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Andrée Starå

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hello Andrée!

Thank you for your prompt response. It will be multiple cells..for every row..

My objective is to get around the fact that Smartsheet doesn't support 'Normal Distribution', my idea is like below:

1. Whenever user updates column A in Smartsheet

2. It triggers to copy and paste the row in excel with the value from Smartsheet. 

3. Excel calculates the required value based on the Smartsheet values by using Normal Distribution formula

3. Smartsheet pulls the calculated data from Excel and update column C on Smartsheet

Am I over-complicating the whole setting? haha


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Happy to help!

No, I don't think you're over-complicating it because it's something that you need.

I think it would be possible to set it up with the help of Zapier or similar.

Would that work?