Hello there!

I set a reminder in the grid view to inform the project owners of the 4 teams that they know before the start date, if they don't change the status to "Complete", they will be reminded every 3 days, if they change, it will no longer Remind. Now, I want to set up an upgrade reminder based on the previous reminder, it will send an overall dashboard to their manager, if they have not changed status after 3 reminders (or overdue days > X days), the dashboard contains all 4 Team pending projects.

Is there any way to achieve this?



Hi Greta,

I'd suggest creating a reminder that's triggered 9 days after the project's due date if the status hasn't been changed to complete. In the body of the customized message, I would include the dashboard's secured sharing link (accessible to shared users) or a link to your published dashboard.

If needed, more information on the sharing and published links can be found here: