I have 20+ sheets with various Due Dates on various rows.  I have a reminder set to send the Preparer a reminder when the Due Date occurs.  Historically, the email notification only shows the rows that are the actual "Due Date".  However, today, it sent the entire sheet and all rows which defeats the purpose.

Are there reminder issues currently being experienced at Smartsheet?




I had the same thing happen to me.  I sent an email to Smartsheet but I have not heard anything yet.

Same here as well. Sending the whole sheet?

Not reported yet but will keep an eye on this post for a response.


Hi all,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the notification rule that you have set up whose behavior changed? Please click on "Alerts & Actions" and then capture the rule as it appears in that dialog, e.g. "Send Assigned To a reminder on Due Date for this sheet." Alternatively you could type the exact text of the rule like I did in this example. This will help us to investigate.



Hi Daniel,

I have the same problem. Screenshot is attached.

Thank you

See attached for the reminder, the sheet, and the notification



For as long as we've used reminders, we have never had the ability to limit which columns are sent. Only Notifications allow for choosing which column to send. So if there was a way to set a notification for the event-timeline - then you could also limit the columns. Consider adding a checkbox column with the formula. =IF([Reminder Date]23 >= Today(), 1, 0) 

Then you could set a notification for when the checkbox column is checked, then send an email and limit the columns that are sent. 

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Mike that's a good idea but the problem isn't with the columns it's the rows.  The reminder is emailing the entire sheet not just the row that has triggered the reminder.

Thanks everyone for the details. We have identified the issue with extra rows being included in sheet-level reminders and are currently working on a fix.

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Thanks Daniel - is there an ETA on resolving the issue?  It is basically making the reminders pointless.




We have a fix for the issue, and we will deploy it as soon as we can. Should be within the next few days and potentially as early as today. Thanks again for your patience and for reporting the issue.

Hi all,

This issue is fixed as of yesterday. If you still run into any issues in this area, please report it here: www.smartsheet.com/gethelp



Thanks, Daniel.