When we show a report that is built with the new "Current User" contact functionality, that works great! When we show that report on a Sight, it doesn't dynamically follow whoever is viewing that Sight. The report only shows the tasks assigned to the author of the Sight.


That doesn't seem right to me. Does anyone else have this problem, or can they repeat it?



Hi John,


Currently, the functionality is such that the "Current user" criterion is set to the person that originally added that Report widget to the Sight. 


I'll add your vote to our Enhancement Request list for the criterion to change depending on whomever is viewing a Sight containing a Report widget.

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Please add my vote as well!  I am guessing this improvement has not be implemented yet?

Agreed - this is one critical issue that prevents us using sights more widely at the moment. This little tweak would make them much more useful.

Please add a vote for me. 


This issue makes sights less useful. It requires that every member of my team needs a custom sight rather then one sight that can dynamicly change based on user. 

Please add one more vote for me. I want to echo Jared's view, without this feature the sights are less useful. 


Yes!  Add my vote.  Please fix this, it's critical that we can have a sight built mostly of reports for the current user.    

Please add a vote for me as well.  I love the current user feature and it would be great if we could use it in our sights.

Add my vote as well. 

Please add my vote as well, it is critical for my clients.


@ John :

finaly did you find out a solution to get around this issue ? 

any way to display data depending on the connected user ?

We really need this, too - it will save us so much time. 

I've been using Smartsheet for some years now and I feel that by developing this feature would make Smartsheet perfect

Voting for this feature!

Another vote for this.  Very important feature request.