I am running a report and using a Star symbol to filter what should be picked up from my sheet. The report is picking up all rows with stars checked except one. I have confirmed this row is checked. I have removed the Star filter to show all data and it works just fine, picking up this row. But when I go back to filter by the Star being checked, this single row is not picked up.



FYI. Support responded they are aware of a current issue and is actively working toward being resolved.

We've been having issues with reporting for a few days now but, at least on my end, the issues have resolved as of today. Hopefully yours will as well!

I've been experiencing a similar issue off and on for some time now. Instead of using the star symbol, i use the RYGG balls to indicate the status of a task within a report. I have a report to show me all Red and Yellow labeled tasks and not Green or Gray. From time to time i see those darn green balls showing up where they don't belong. This throws all of my reporting into question. 

If i see one of these reporting errors, i can 'correct' it by changing the RYGG Ball to something else > Save Sheet > Change RYGG Ball back. This updates the reporting to accurately reflect what its supposed to.